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Firm Philosophy


  •   New York 

  •   California

  •   Illinois

  •   Massachusetts

  •   Connecticut



  •   LEED AP


  • Mark Vetter Architecture, New York, NY  

          2009 to present

  • Lawrence Group Architects, New York, NY  
       2003 to 2009

  • S. Russel Groves, New York, NY   
       2002 to 2003

  • International Architects Atelier, Kansas City, MO         

          2000 to 2002


  • University of Kansas, B.Arch, 2002

  • Universitaet Stuttgart, Stuttgart Germany  Fellowship 1996-1997 

Mark Vetter


  •   Washington DC 

  •   Maryland

  •   Virginia

  •   Florida

  •   Michigan


  •   New Jersey

  •   Texas

  •   Colorado

  •   Georgia

  •   Washington

  •   Virginia

Mark Vetter Architecture is an interdisciplinary practice with a commitment to resilient, innovative, and inspiring design. With no pre-conceived signature 'style', MVA instead develops each project as a unique solution to particular client and project demands. As such, projects are initiated with a thorough discussion of client program and goals, and then developed with continued input and feedback throughout the design process. Budget, schedule, and program are all synthesized to drive unique, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.


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